Even Flo Heating And Air Conditioning performs heating, ventilation and cooling inspection on the mechanical system for the sale of home. We are a qualified, licensed, bonded and insured heating and cooling contractor with the knowledge and the tools to properly test the equipment.

Some home buyers assume more testing is done on their HVAC systems by a whole house inspector than what is actually completed. Therefore, they read the inspection report which indicates "furnace appears functional" and assume that their furnace is fine. However, a furnace can be "functioning" and yet operating with a crack in the heat exchanger or be in need of a cleaning. A HVAC contractor can run more sensitive carbon monoxide testings than what is detected by a retail carbon monoxide detector. The contractor can also perform a pressure test or use a scope to check for a cracked heat exchanger.


​Maintaining the heating and air conditioning in your home is extremely important, especially in varying climates. We can maintain your furnace or air handler or heat pump to help it last the expected lifetime of the equipment. Manufacturers suggest yearly maintenance or tune ups of your system to not only help maintain peak efficiency operating levels but to also maintain warranties. Having your furnace or heating system maintained can help cut down on possible costly repairs in the future.

Most homeowners don’t realize that their heating and air conditioning system operates approximately 2000 hours per year. To put this into perspective, a car driven for 2000 hours at 65 miles per hour would travel 130,000 miles in one year!

For your home heating inspection, service or cleaning, we provide our tune up service. The gold tune up service includes checking the safety controls, system function and operations, electronic measurements of the blower motor and inducer motor amperages, measurements of the igniter. It also includes cleaning of the furnace cabinet, flame rod sensor, inducer motor port and pressure switch port. We always perform a combustible gas leak test and carbon monoxide leak test. Changing of the standard disposable 1 inch filter is included. The platinum tune up service includes all of the gold tune up plus the cleaning of the blower motor fan.

Proper maintenance can help lower your energy bills, keep your furnace operating safely and efficiently, help prevent future breakdowns of your furnace and extends the life of your furnace by cleaning and taking care of it.

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