We Are Proud To Be An Independent Trane Dealer

We have a product to fit every budget. Moreover, we are ready to provide you with a wide array of options for furnaces. Some of things that you need to check  before buying a furnace are listed below:

  • AFUE Rating – If you want a unit that is highly efficient, look for the ones that have a higher rating.

  • Variable Speed Blowers – Variable speed blowers can deliver slower air when you do not require much heat and at the same time, they have a relatively quiet functioning. These furnaces are also considered to be much more efficient.

  • Modulating Furnaces – The main advantage of this is that they are able to adjust the amount of heat delivered by the furnace so that you can get maximum comfort and enjoy optimum efficiency of the furnace.

  • Ignition System – Very few furnaces in today’s world have a pilot light. The pilot light is a continuous flame that keeps burning underneath the furnaces and also acts as a source of ignition for the heating system. Intermittent lights are much more efficient since they are lighted up only when needed and are thus way more energy efficient. This property also increases their AFUE rating.

  • Dual Heat Exchanger – The components which are responsible for drawing heat from the burned gas are known as heat exchangers. To ensure a better efficiency in drawing heat, a secondary exchanger is often recommended along with the primary exchanger. To ensure that no harm comes to the secondary exchanger due to the deposit of corrosive acidic condensate, they are usually made from stainless steel or sometimes plastic is used as a lining.

Air handlers and electric furnaces are not the same but are often considered so. The major difference between the two is that the main component used in a furnace is gas while air handlers are completely operated on electricity. If you are planning to replace your air handler, always look for the ones that have a higher SEER rating because that signifies that they are more efficient.